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WhereScape RED Consulting

The highly skilled IT team of S3 Group Asia helps in moving an extensive volume of data speedily in hybrid environments as we provide a real-time data integration solution to get real-time updates. WhereScape is the ultimate solution which enables you to reduce the time-to-value and expenditure for data infrastructure development and management with agile data warehouse practices. Select your own architecture, data lake, data vault, enterprise level data warehouse and/or data repository, and increase efficiency of your organization tenfold.

S3 Group Asia's WhereScape competencies

  • Always focused on keeping pace with the changing business needs with the support of WhereScape.
  • Assistance in choosing the right plan for implementing WhereScape.
  • Save time and cost with WhereScape automation for getting a totally efficient data warehouse.
  • WhereScape Snowflake Python/Powershell template
  • WhereScape Custom template for API Integration
  • WhereScape Metadata Checker
  • WhereScape DW Performance
  • Seamlessly migrate to Snowflake, Azure etc.
  • Get the perks of DataVault with WhereScape DV modeling

Work smartly with WhereScape

In the current time, working hard isn't enough, you need to work smartly in order to deliver a fast and effective outcome. WhereScape is the game-changer which empowered the IT team of S3 Group Asia to discard the manual, time-taking and cumbersome procedures while addressing the core needs of the data warehouse and also able to give surety of almost no failure while doing so.

WhereScape is the one and only data warehousing automation software, an end-to-end tool, which covers everything from data integration, ETL and modeling tools in a single interface along with building SQL code for various target databases following its best practices. WhereScape enables our SQL coders to perform tasks in coordination. It saves a lot of time in thinking about how to merge code or documents with the help of WhereScape's auto-documentation capabilities. Additionally, for data science or BI needs, WhereScape also provides up-to-the minute data catalog.

Collection and storage of metadata automatically

Go from sourced data to a populated schema with WhereScape RED within a few minutes. Further, you can step-wise design the solution to get the best design. WhereScape RED is very advantageous as it allows business clients to participate in the making of the data warehouse prototype and not limiting it to that, once it is in production, enables full adoption.

Adapt to business needs over the course of time

With each passing day we witness the technological evolution and to keep up with it, business needs keep changing time and again, thus automation of data warehouses helps the tech team to keep pace with the newest trends and be more responsive to business needs. But in order to make certain alterations normally it would take a number of days, which would lead to a loss in business. But we, with the power of WhereScape automation, can adapt to the changes quickly at ease whenever the business demands, and incorporate any changes swiftly into the data infrastructure.