Contact us A Novel Approach to Data Transformation at Scale

Coalesce represents a paradigm shift in data transformation, specially engineered to tackle the complexities of modern data warehousing. With a unique column-aware architecture, Coalesce introduces automated metadata and column lineage, allowing rapid visualisation of your entire data warehouse configuration. The result is an innovative GUI-driven, code-first user experience that surpasses existing data transformation tools.

Transformations Evolved with

Existing ETL tools for cloud data warehousing struggle with complex data transformations, relying heavily on outdated CLIs and manual coding. Coalesce changes the game, leveraging a code-first, yet GUI-driven approach. This revolutionises how your data team can construct and maintain data transformations.

Efficiency for Everyone

While traditional ETL and data transformation solutions focus on supporting engineers in writing manual code, Coalesce aims to empower your entire organisation. It's built to optimise the way data architects, engineers, scientists, analysts, and consumers interact with data. You can kickstart your data initiatives more quickly and adapt more effortlessly to changes.

Architected for Scale

Manual management of thousands of complex data transformations can impede your data utilization. As the sole data transformation tool developed from scratch with a column-aware architecture, Coalesce enables users to automate the production of metadata and column lineage documentation.

Key Features of

  • Template based SQL generation
  • GUI
  • Automated column lineage
  • Native GIT integration
  • Deployment planning
  • Data testing
  • Single Sign On
  • Macros
  • Multi-environment